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The manufacture is home to both traditional expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Our tools are entirely manufactured by our company and bear the stamp of 'A. Dumont & Fils Made in Switzerland' on the inside. The material itself therefore shows the product origin. It is our quest for perfection that has enabled us to maintain our reputation as a market leader in tweezers manufacturing.

A true tool manufacture

Dumont has continued this tradition since its foundation in 1881. It is one of the last tweezer manufactures to carry out all of its production in Switzerland and is an independent, family-owned business. The company enjoys complete financial and creative autonomy, allowing it to design, develop and manufacture what specialists widely agree to be the world's best tweezers.

Independence and philosophy

The shrewd vision of the family that has run Dumont since its foundation has enabled the company to preserve its most precious assets – complete independence and a philosophy of excellence. It has overcome economic and family setbacks, as well as the challenges of the third millennium, by combining industrial efficiency, human values and environmental considerations. Dumont oversees the entire manufacturing process using its own quality criteria.

A tradition of innovation

Innovation remains the key to our success. Dumont continues some of the oldest traditions, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of steel manufacturing. Throughout its history, it has created innovative tools (the most famous being numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7) that have since been imitated the world over, as well as making major discoveries. These discoveries have all been patented.

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Continuing and passing on traditions

Continuity has always been one of Dumont's core values. Its engineers and artisans share their expertise with their apprentices, thus passing down their knowledge and skills from one generation
to another. Dumont places great emphasis on its staff's professional and personal development by offering them individual training programmes.

Swiss location

The Dumont Manufacture is located in Montignez in the canton of Jura.


Manufactures D’Outils Dumont SA

Founded: 1881
Founder: Arnold Dumont

Family-owned public limited company
Trade register number: CH67730001004
VAT number: CHE-107.214.488 TVA

Head office

Manufactures D’Outils Dumont SA
Rue Théodore Dumont 1
CH-2924 Montignez

Production companies

Montignez (JU)
Mendrisio (TI)


62 employees

Marking certifications

CE Marking
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ISO Certificates

Use the following link to download our ISO Certificates.


ISO 9001 CERT. (PDF) ISO 13485 CERT. (PDF)